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  • Story
  • Pros and Cons
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    • Cons
  • Types of Services
  • Customer Reviews
  • Prices
  • Quality
  • Customer Support
  • Payment Methods
  • Guarantees
  • How to Make an Order
  • Loyalty Program
  • Verdict


I reviewed many cheap writing services so every time I deal with companies from this niche, I know that it’s important to pay attention to every detail. Many students cannot afford to use expensive writing services, while others may have never purchased papers online before so they are afraid to waste their money. Therefore, they order their papers for cheap to see whether or not writing services can help them.

The truth is that, when dealing with cheap services, you never know what you’ll get for your money. There are many services that sell papers of poor quality or present paraphrased and plagiarized content as that written from scratch. Fortunately, there are also many decent cheap services that are not trying to fool their customers and do what they can to provide nice papers.

Given that many low-quality services have fake reviews, it’s hard to understand whether or not you’re dealing with a legit writing service before you actually make a purchase. Therefore, I decided to order a Ph.D. essay to determine whether WritePaperFor.Me is legit. I’m going to share my impression with you later. First, let’s take a look at the key features of this writing service.

According to web.archive.org, the website was created in 2017. The website looks neat and simple. You can quickly navigate between different sections so the website is easy to use. Although I didn’t find a mobile app, the website works well on the phone. You can fill out an online form to make an order, or you can contact the support service using a live chat. You can also use Facebook Messenger, which is quite convenient.

WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update March 2023]- What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me? - Is It Legit? | EssaysAdvisor.com (1)

Here you can buy different kinds of academic papers, including essays, term papers, coursework, and other writing assignments. The price of your order depends on the deadline and the difficulty level. There are four difficulty levels available: High School, Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. You can also order homework help. This writing service is intended not only for students but also for business clients’ as well. For example, you can order a business plan or report. If you don’t need to order writing from scratch, you can also order proofreading, editing, and paraphrasing (rewriting).

I’ve already written that this service is cheap. However, the price of your order depends on its complexity level and deadline. You can check out the price table on the website, so the company is clear about its pricing policy:

WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update March 2023]- What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me? - Is It Legit? | EssaysAdvisor.com (2)


I’ve noticed that many students mention WritePaperFor.Me on different forums and social media. Given that the opinions about this service were somewhat mixed, I decided to order a paper here and to write my own review. I didn’t expect high quality for such little money. However, the results were not bad at all. I’ve got a decent essay. Although I would like to change a few paragraphs, the writer did a good job.

Pros and Cons


  1. The first and main advantage of this writing service is that it’s really affordable. With prices starting at $6.99 per page, it’s hard to find a cheaper service that wouldn’t be a scam.
  2. Even if you make an expensive order, you don’t need to pay the whole price immediately. You can divide the payment, which is especially convenient.
  3. This service also offers three free revisions. Therefore, even if you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of your papers, there’s still some room for improvement.


  1. As I checked online reviews, I realized that not all customers are happy with the quality of the papers they’ve bought here. There’s no surprise that the quality differs from that of papers sold by more expensive writing services. After all, if this company hired the most experienced writers, it wouldn’t be able to keep prices so low.
  2. Some customers also note that the originality of their papers was far from perfect. I will write more about this company’s plagiarism policy later.

I can say that WritePaperFor.Me is a legit writing service. However, you will get exactly what you can expect for this little money. What you should keep in mind is that you can check your papers for plagiarism before submitting them, and you can also request three free revisions.

Types of Services

WritePaperForMe provides a range of writing services. You can order a term paper, essay, or coursework. You can also order help with other writing assignments and homework. In addition, you can submit your own papers so that editors and proofreaders can polish them, fixing grammar mistakes, and improving the overall logical structure. Below is a full list of their services.

  • Paper help
  • Pay for essays
  • Do my homework
  • Term paper writing service
  • Assignment writing service
  • Coursework help
  • College essay writing service

Customer Reviews

The best way to understand whether you’re dealing with a reliable writing service or not is to check online reviews from real customers. I’ve seen many writing services that only had five-star reviews, and for me, it’s always a red flag. If a service doesn’t have any negative reviews, the chances are that you’re dealing with a scam, because even the best services out there always have some unsatisfied customers. You don’t need fake reviews. If you want to evaluate a writing service properly, you need real reviews that address both the positive and negative aspects of the service.

When doing my research, I checked a few review platforms that are popular among students. Most customers are satisfied with their experience. Some customers, however, note that the quality of their papers was far from perfect. I think that you shouldn’t expect outstanding papers written by the best experts when dealing with cheap writing services. Legit cheap writing services like WriteMyPaperFor.Me usually work with beginners who have the necessary background but have little experience in custom writing. It means that you can get help from a person who knows your subject, but you also shouldn’t ignore an opportunity to request a revision. If you don’t have enough time or knowledge to write your paper, this company certainly will help you.

  • WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update March 2023]- What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me? - Is It Legit? | EssaysAdvisor.com (3)
  • WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update March 2023]- What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me? - Is It Legit? | EssaysAdvisor.com (4)
  • WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update March 2023]- What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me? - Is It Legit? | EssaysAdvisor.com (5)


Although the prices are low, in general, the price of a particular order depends on the level of complexity and deadline. For instance, if you need a high school paper delivered in two weeks, you will pay a minimal price of $6.99 per page. However, a Ph.D.-level paper with a 6-hour deadline will cost you $29.99 per page, while admissions essays with the same deadline cost $33.99. The company is clear about its pricing policy. There is a pricing table on the website, as well as notes on different types of assignments:

WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update March 2023]- What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me? - Is It Legit? | EssaysAdvisor.com (6)


Although I’ve already mentioned that the quality of papers may differ from that of the papers written by more expensive companies, it doesn’t mean that it’s low. For instance, many reviews that I’ve found online specifically mentioned a good quality of papers. All the writers who work for this company have at least a Bachelor’s degree in their disciplines and a GPA of at least 3.0. Before writers start to work for this company, they also have to complete various tests to prove their skills and expertise.

WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update March 2023]- What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me? - Is It Legit? | EssaysAdvisor.com (7)

WritePaperFor.Me also checks all papers for originality before sending them to customers. According to the Terms and Conditions, the acceptable plagiarism percentage is 10%. If there is more plagiarized content in your paper, you can request a revision or get your money back. The company also guarantees the necessary research and the use of formal English. Therefore, your paper will meet the necessary academic standards.

Customer Support

WritePaperForMe has a reliable support team that can help you if you have any questions, if you want to request a revision, or need help with making an order. You can use a live chat on the website, or you can also contact customer support service representatives through Facebook Messenger. In addition, you can call +1 (888) 753-2581, or request a call.

The customer service department can not only provide you with real-time help when making an order but also inform you about the status of your order. Besides, if you’re not sure whether or not you want to make an order yet, you can contact a support agent and provide some details about your assignment. The support agent will tell you how much your order will cost and inform you about the available discounts.

  • WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update March 2023]- What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me? - Is It Legit? | EssaysAdvisor.com (8)
  • WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update March 2023]- What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me? - Is It Legit? | EssaysAdvisor.com (9)
  • WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update March 2023]- What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me? - Is It Legit? | EssaysAdvisor.com (10)

Payment Methods

The company supports a variety of payment methods. You can pay for your order with a VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, or Discover card. A great thing about this service is that you can also pay with Bitcoins. Besides, while most services require you to pay for an order upfront, WritePaperFor.Me enables you to place an order first, and then to pay for it.


You can get your money back both before and after approving your paper. However, the company explicitly recommends that you don’t approve your order if you’re not satisfied with it. You can get a full refund if you’ve accidentally made a double payment, the company couldn’t find a writer for your order, or you haven’t received your paper on time. You can also get a 90% refund if less than half of the deadline passed but the company still didn’t find a writer. You are also eligible for a 50% refund if there’s no writer for a revision, and a 70% refund if a writer has already started to work on your order but less than half of your deadline passed.

You can also request three free revisions before approving your paper or within seven days after your paper has been approved. If your paper is longer than 14 pages, you can request a free revision within 14 days after approval. The company also recommends that you keep in mind that you can only request a revision if a writer fails to meet your initial instructions, so don’t request it if you just change your mind and decide that you need a different paper.

How to Make an Order

The ordering process is straightforward and simple. First, you have to complete the order form. Secondly, you should specify the payment method. After this, you can just wait while your writer works on the order. When the paper is ready, you can check its preview and either approve it or request a free revision.

WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update March 2023]- What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me? - Is It Legit? | EssaysAdvisor.com (11)

Loyalty Program

Although I couldn’t find any information about a loyalty program, there is a discount program. When completing the order form, you can enter a discount code. Discount codes are available on many coupon websites, and they enable you to get a 7% to 30% discount.


After doing some research, reading reviews, and making an order on WritePaperFor.Me, I can say that it’s a legit cheap writing service. This company provides good papers for this price, and it certainly cares about its customers. The customer support service is always ready to help, and free revisions enable you to get a good paper, even if you’re not satisfied with some details.

I would recommend this writing service if you want to save money because there are many cheap writing services on the internet, but not all of them are reliable. WritePaperForMe has its flaws, but it’s a great solution for a small budget. Also, feel free to check out other reviews of essay writing services, in case you want to look into something else.

This blog contains the author's views and reflections on topics about which he chooses to write. The author reserves the right to express his subjective opinion and is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the overviewed sites.


Is write my essay help legit? ›

1. Write My Essays – One of The Best Online Legit Services Picked By Most College Students. USA college students highly recommend this service due to many reasons. First of all, it provides high-quality papers at reasonable prices that start from $12 per page.

Is write my essay today legit? ›

WriteMyEssay is a legit service with 9 years of academic writing experience. Is WriteMyEssay scam? The service is not a scam. However, it offers very low quality of papers.

Is Write my paper 4 me legit? ›

Overview. WriteMyPaper4Me has a consumer rating of 3.82 stars from 44 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. WriteMyPaper4Me ranks 1260th among Essay Writing sites.

Is paper coach legit? ›

PaperCoach has a consumer rating of 4.99 stars from 425 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with PaperCoach most frequently mention support team, high quality and good job. PaperCoach ranks 18th among Essay Writing sites.

Can I get paid to write essays? ›

There are two primary methods to make money writing essays, and the first is to write academic essays. Essay writing companies look for writers who can create high-quality English essays and academic-style papers, and you can make a good income as a freelance writer.

How much can I get paid to write essays? ›

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $102,500 and as low as $20,000, the majority of Essay Writer salaries currently range between $48,000 (25th percentile) to $80,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $93,000 annually across the United States.

Are there any legit paper writing services? ›

The short answer is yes. Essay writing companies hire professional writers, tutors, and experts to offer various types of writing. Once you've picked an essay writer service, you can create an account, choose the type of writing, add your requirements, and pay for your order.

Is essay writing legal? ›

Essay writing services are legal but tutors don't allow them. Most companies, however, have a strong ethical policy that guides their writing practice. They recognize that it is against their policy to trade, sell or transfer your content to third parties without prior notice.

Is paid online writing jobs legit? ›

In the end that Paid Online Writers Jobs aren't genuine. This is a scam and does not have any real-world value. Alternate: On the other the other hand, if you're trying to look for the ideal method to earn an income from home for a newbie There are alternatives better, more appropriate, and affordable options.

What is the most legit essay writing service? ›

The List of the 5 Best Essay Writing Services:
  • PaperHelp. Best Value. $12.
  • BBQPapers. Best Essay Writers. $17.55.
  • GradeMiners. Best Delivery Speed. $14.59.
  • EssayPro. Best 24/7 Service. $10.80.
Jan 13, 2023

How can I get paid for my writings? ›

  1. Start a blog. Blogging is a tried-and-true method for writers to make money online. ...
  2. Create blog posts (for others) ...
  3. Establish a niche website. ...
  4. Self-Publish a book. ...
  5. Create affiliate content. ...
  6. Write scripts for video creators. ...
  7. Write show notes for podcasts. ...
  8. Create written content for social media.

Is a writing coach worth it? ›

But no matter what got you stuck, if you're having trouble breaking through, you might benefit from a good writing coach. Not to be confused with an editor, a writing coach helps you with the emotional journey of writing a book. They help you keep going, and they help you make your book more authentic and engaging.

Is a book coach worth it? ›

Whether you're new to the game or you've got a big list of writing credits, a writing coach can be an invaluable career partner. She can give you extra accountability, create action steps toward specific goals, help you get unstuck and offer a fresh perspective on your work.

What is the website that writes papers for you? ›

PaperHelp can help you with any essay topic as their essay writers come from various backgrounds. They will match you with the one with the most expertise in your field to make sure your paper is of the highest quality. Their prices start at $17 per page for undergraduate papers.

How do I sell my essay? ›

So here's a simple, three-step plan for selling your personal essay to magazines and other publications:
  1. Step 1: Identify your target markets. ...
  2. Step 2: Pitch your completed personal narrative. ...
  3. Step 3: Don't take rejection personally.
Jul 30, 2019

How much can online writing pay? ›

In the Kenyan market, some freelancers build up websites and sell them to new writers for a fee. The amount ranges from lows of Ksh5,000 to highs of over Ksh50,000 depending on the specific account.

How do you get paid to write reviews? ›

If you are wondering where can you get paid to write reviews, try applying to these sites for review writing jobs.
  • Get Reviewed.
  • CrowdTap.
  • Ciao.
  • ListVerse.
  • Capterra.
  • UserTesting.
  • Gartner Peer Insights.
  • Harris Poll Online.

Can you make 100k as a writer? ›

Yes, you can make $100,000 per year as a writer.

The chances of earning over $100k for a writer are actually pretty good because the highest-paid writer positions typically pay at least $102,000 per year.

Can I sell my old college papers? ›

Is selling my old class materials a violation of the academic integrity code of my university? Yes. At many universities, selling course materials is outlined as a violation of the academic honor code.

How much does it cost to write a 300 word essay? ›

A 300 words essay will be 0.6 pages single-spaced or 1.2 pages double-spaced. A standard single-spaced page contains 500 words.

How to make money from home? ›

25 ways to make money from home
  1. Sell custom products.
  2. Create a print-on-demand business.
  3. Make a subscription box.
  4. Sell on marketplaces.
  5. Sell digital products.
  6. Sell your creative work.
  7. Monetize an audience.
  8. Become a freelancer.
Dec 8, 2022

Do essay collections sell? ›

Essay collections can be hard to sell to the book-buying public (not to mention editors). You want to come in with some reasonable, actionable ways to promote your book. This can include suggesting essay topics you can pitch to other publications that don't appear in your book.

What is the cheapest paper writing service? ›

8 Best Cheap Essay Writing Services:
4 more rows
Sep 19, 2022

Should I pay someone to write my paper? ›

Is It Safe to Pay Someone To Write My Paper? Yes, paying someone to write your paper is entirely safe, especially when you choose reliable essay-writing services like 99Papers. These websites can improve your academic performance by delivering relevant, high-quality, and plagiarism-free essays at affordable prices.

What is the fastest essay writing service? ›

GradeMiners – The Fastest Essay Writing Service

In fact, it has become one of the most in-demand online essay writing services in the U.S. Most customers looking for essay help have a deadline requiring a quick turnaround. Papers from GradeMiners require little to no editing.

Are paid essays legal? ›

Hiring a professional essay writer can save you a good deal of time and ensure that you complete your assignment on time. It is possible to cause a loss in quality. Paying someone to create Tips for avoiding plagiarism an essay within the United States is legal.

Is freelance writing legal? ›

And you can land a legal writing job as long as you write well and have great legal research skills. The world has moved a large portion of its workforce out of traditional offices. This means online and freelance legal writing jobs are available.

What should you never do when writing an essay? ›

  1. Fail to address the question's topic in your introduction. ...
  2. Stray from the focus of the question (especially in the conclusion) ...
  3. Insert quotes without introducing them or relating them back to the topic. ...
  4. Fail to provide references. ...
  5. Use informal language, colloquialisms, or overuse rhetorical questions.

What is best paid to write website? ›

Get Paid to Write Articles: 21 Amazing Sites That Will Pay You $100+ Per Article [2023 Update]
  • Fiverr. ...
  • Greatist. ...
  • Longreads. ...
  • Listverse. ...
  • Copyhackers. ...
  • Photoshop Tutorials. ...
  • Informed Comment. ...
  • The Travel Writer's Life.
Feb 24, 2023

Can I trust Upwork? ›

Yes, Upwork is most certainly legit. However, like any other large freelance platform, there are bound to be scammers and fake profiles; but that doesn't make Upwork a scam. Additionally, the Upwork platform provides various features and services that protect freelancers and employers from fraud and scams.

Are online writing courses worth it? ›

Depending on who you ask, writing courses can be an incredibly useful experience or a waste of time and money. Some authors, such as Hanif Kureishi have gone on record to say they believe creative writing can't be taught while other writers advocate the benefits of writing education.

Can you trust essay writing sites? ›

Are Essay Writing Services Legit? Yes, essay writing services are absolutely legit, as long as you are buying an essay from a trustworthy company. They help students deal with their challenges by taking care of their academic assignments.

What is the best website for essay writing free? ›

5 Best Free Essay Writers & Affordable Services
  • #1. 99Papers. 99Papers is a premier essay writing service that provides top-quality assistance for students of all academic levels. ...
  • #2. EssayPro. ...
  • #3. EssayBot. ...
  • #4. EssayTyper. ...
  • #5. PaperTyper.
Dec 28, 2022

Can I trust essay Pro? ›

We write only about verified services in our reviews. EssayPro has a long history of completed orders and many satisfied customers, which makes it a legit website. This company can be trusted and used for completing writing assignments, which we confirmed in this review.

How can I get paid for writing with no experience? ›

The best entry-level freelance writing jobs for beginners
  1. Rewrite local small-business websites. ...
  2. Find abandoned business blogs. ...
  3. Write business emails. ...
  4. Create a newsletter or brochure. ...
  5. Report articles for local news media. ...
  6. Write for local magazines. ...
  7. Turn your former employer into a client. ...
  8. Write for local marketing agencies.

How much do you pay a writing coach? ›

Writing coach rates vary, but most coaches won't charge an hourly rate that's below $50. If an author has a lot of publications and high-level credentials, their writing coach rates might scale as high as $200 an hour or more.

Are personal coaches worth it? ›

While you can certainly work toward your goals on your own, there are several reasons why paying for a coach is worth the money. Working with a qualified coach can: Help you discover what's holding you back and find the motivation to move forward. Challenge your assumptions; help you find truth and meaning.

Are college coaches worth it? ›

Is Hiring a College Coach Worth It? The value of a college coach depends largely on your student's goals and what you expect the result of coaching to be. College coaches don't guarantee that your student will be admitted to their dream school, so you're taking a gamble in paying for their services.

Is reading a book a week worth it? ›

Reading well is its own reward.

If someone naturally reads a book per week, or even per day, that's great -- if it's a pace they enjoy. We all have different reading speeds and comprehension levels, within the range of human abilities. There's no need to reach some arbitrary number, like finishing 100 books per year.

What is a certified book coach? ›

Specialized writing coaches called book coaches guide authors through the book writing process, helping them stay organized, brainstorm ideas, and get their books published. Working with a book coach can help make intimidating parts of the publishing process simpler and more accessible.

Is online coaching a good idea? ›

Online coaching or 'online personal training' is powerful. It gives you the flexibility to workout when it suits your schedule whilst being kept accountable to your goals by your very own coach.

Where can I publish my writing online for free? ›

Voilà, 8 Best Free Self-Publishing Sites to Know in 2023
  • Amazon KDP. If you're familiar with the topic of self-publishing, then you know Amazon KDP is THE place to publish as an indie author or publisher. ...
  • PublishDrive. ...
  • Barnes & Noble Press. ...
  • Apple Books. ...
  • Google Play Books. ...
  • IngramSpark. ...
  • Kobo Writing Life. ...
  • Dreame.
Jan 19, 2023

Where can I publish original writing? ›

The 3 Best Online Publishing Platforms for Serialised Fiction
  • Wattpad. Wattpad is a popular online publishing platform and book-sharing community where writers publish and engage with readers. ...
  • Radish. Radish is a curated online publishing platform. ...
  • Kindle Vella.
Jan 17, 2022

Which essay writing sites are legit? ›

Choose the Best Essay Writing Service for Your Needs
  • BBQPapers. All-Around Best Paper Writing Service. $17.5.
  • PaperHelp. Best College Essay Writing Service Runner-up. $13.
  • SpeedyPaper. Best Price, Good Value. $11.
  • GradeMiners. Best for Short Deadlines and Urgent Orders. $14.
  • EssayPro. Best Choice of Writers. $11.4.
Sep 28, 2022

Is write my paper for me legit? ›

There are no pitfalls in the policies, so yes, it is absolutely safe! Is writepaperfor.me trustworthy? I put trust in them three times and was always pleased with the provided academic assistance. Moreover, they have a good online reputation and seem a good option for students.

Are there any legitimate essay writing companies? ›

PaperHelp is one of the best companies that write essays for you. They'll assist you with getting the best grade possible with work delivered on time and at affordable rates. Their prices start as low as $12, but they also offer a price calculator on the site to help you get a clear picture of what you can.

Are paper writing services legal? ›

The company that you buy an essay from is protected from any kind of liability because it sells original work for research purposes. By using a writing service, you're not stealing someone's work, and you're not violating any laws. Here is why these services are perfectly legal.

What is the best essay writing service in USA? ›

The List of 7 Best Essay Writing Services 2022/23
  1. 99Papers. 99Papers is the top essay writing service out there today. ...
  2. PaperHelp. PaperHelp is a top essay writing service company in the United States with plenty of features. ...
  3. 1Essay. ...
  4. Studdit. ...
  5. EssayPro. ...
  6. EssayBox. ...
  7. MyAdmissionEssay.
Dec 22, 2022

How can I get paid to write anything? ›

12 ways to get paid to write articles
  1. Upwork. Upwork is one of the most popular platforms freelancers use to find work online. ...
  2. Copyhackers. ...
  3. Fiverr. ...
  4. Listverse. ...
  5. Vibrant Life. ...
  6. Narratively. ...
  7. FreelanceMom. ...
  8. nDash.
Aug 4, 2022

How can I get paid for my writing? ›

  1. Start a blog. Blogging is a tried-and-true method for writers to make money online. ...
  2. Create blog posts (for others) ...
  3. Establish a niche website. ...
  4. Self-Publish a book. ...
  5. Create affiliate content. ...
  6. Write scripts for video creators. ...
  7. Write show notes for podcasts. ...
  8. Create written content for social media.

Are all essay writing services fake? ›

Are Essay Writing Services Legit? Yes, essay writing services are absolutely legit, as long as you are buying an essay from a trustworthy company. They help students deal with their challenges by taking care of their academic assignments.


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