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SPC flooring is the ideal choice for today’s generation. It’s a low-maintenance option with unmatched aesthetics due to its minimalism. However, you must still clean it occasionally to ensure it retains its charm and prevents accidents.

Cleaning SPC flooring efficiently in 3-steps is possible when you abstain from using any strong chemicals. Artificial agents will only damage it and cause it to lose its shine. Use non-abrasive material and detergents made for it for the best results.

Our article thoroughly discusses how to clean SPC flooring in the best manner to ensure you can maintain it perfectly. Keep reading to find out how you can keep the floor shiny and polished and care for it properly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning SPC Flooring

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Unlike most types of floors, SPC flooring doesn’t require constant upkeep. However, you need to be meticulous while cleaning it to ensure that its quality doesn’t degrade.

Follow the steps below to ensure you can perfectly clean your SPC flooring in an efficient manner.


Pre-Cleaning Routine

Before you start going down on your knees and using your back to scrub the floor, you must prepare it for cleaning. You must begin by sweeping the floor meticulously and removing all the dust and debris.

Select a regular broom or a brushless vacuum for this job. However, keep in mind that the device does not have any beater bars attached to it. Otherwise, it may damage the coating of the flooring.


Washing the Floor

Once your SPC flooring is free from all debris, start mopping the floor. A budget option in this scenario would be to use a mixture of low-strength detergent and warm water. Other than that, a safe option is to go for special cleaners for SPC flooring.

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Conventional choices like bleach or ammonia don’t go well with SPC flooring and can harm its quality. Once you’re done mopping the floor, let it dry out for an hour at least. Sweeping before it dries can result in streaks appearing on its surface.


Focus on the Details

Cleaning your SPC flooring is only an occasional chore if you’re thorough about it. If you notice any stains on the floor, wipe them away by using a brush with soft bristles. Use gentle scrubs so that you do not damage its surface.

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Use a clean mop or cloth to wipe the floor with clean water after using detergent. The last thing you need is for any residue to remain. Water staying on the flooring for too long can result in a drop in its quality.

Benefits of Cleaning SPC Flooring

Cleaning your SPC flooring periodically helps it retain its qualities. A lack of maintenance will result in it losing its value faster than the regular time. Below are the topmost benefits of cleaning SPC flooring.

Preservation of Durability

SPC flooring is quite renowned for its thickness which can go up to 7mm. Unlike conventional flooring, they are strong enough to withstand significant impacts and stains. However, it can depreciate quickly if you do not keep it clean.

Accumulation of debris and dirt on SPC flooring causes them to lose their durability over time. Thus, they become prone to scratches and dents. Cleaning helps preserve its sturdiness and boost its longevity significantly.

Keeps It Waterproof

Dirty SPC flooring is more susceptible to accumulating moisture on it. Therefore, the chance of it experiencing warping becomes significantly higher. This risk, in turn, affects the other devices and furniture in your home.

Cleaning SPC flooring regularly helps you to make the most of its waterproof feature. It helps prevent moisture from building up on the floor when it’s in pristine condition, allowing you to operate safely in places like kitchens and bathrooms.

Maintain Minimalism

SPC flooring is most popular among current buyers because of its spotless and minimal aesthetics. Although its simplicity makes it attractive, it also stands out horribly when dirt or dust accumulates on the surface.

Cleaning SPC flooring periodically helps to prevent its aesthetics from downgrading. A thorough washing helps reduce the chances of permanent marks, making it easier to claim its warranty if necessary.

SPC Floor Care and Maintenance

The gap between every cleaning session for your SPC flooring depends on how well you look after it. Here are a few things you can do to ensure the floor is in top shape.

Every Day Upkeep

SPC flooring requires a gentler touch than other floor variants. Therefore, you must maintain a level of precision and meticulousness while looking after it.

Sweep it every day with brooms that have soft ends to stop dirt from gathering on top of it. Wipe it with a damp mop to effectively remove any accidental spills or stains.

Safely Move Furniture

One of the most significant risk factors for SPC flooring is furniture. Carelessly moving them from one place to another can cause the floor to end up with scruffs. Therefore, it’s best to buy models with smooth legs so they don’t damage it.

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Attach smooth connectors to furniture that lie flatly on the floor to reduce the impact of their pressure. Lift them instead of dragging them to avoid damaging the floor. Lastly, put durable cups on the base of furniture you rarely tend to move.

Immediately Clean Stains and Spills

Immediate action is necessary if you find any stains on your SPC flooring. Start by cleaning it with a cleaning agent with which it’s compatible. Then thoroughly scrub it with a pad that is non-abrasive.

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In case the SPC flooring has stains from harsh material like pen or nail polish, then you also have to rub isopropyl alcohol on it. Meanwhile, use a mixture of lime and tartar on the spot if you think there’s a chance of rusting.

Carefully Deal with Paint

Harsh substances like paint and varnish can cause permanent spills on SPC flooring. Therefore, you will have to deal with them immediately. Start by rubbing the spot with your finger and then wiping it gently with isopropyl alcohol using a clean cloth.

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Use an odorless mineral spirit to wipe with a white cloth on the stain if it still persists. If nothing else works, opt for using acetone-powered nail polish remover. Apply mild floor cleaner as a final touch using non-abrasive pads.

What to Avoid When Cleaning SPC Flooring?

There’s a multitude of things you need to avoid when cleaning SPC flooring. For starters, do not purchase regular cleaning agents and equipment for the job. Cheap options like bleach and ammonia will completely ruin the quality of the floor.

Similarly, using powerful brooms or vacuum cleaners on high power will leave scratches across the SPC flooring. Never use hot water while cleaning the floor. You will only leave it more damaged and in poor condition.

Finally, take good care when cleaning the floor. Do not overuse water since its stagnancy can ruin the quality. Moreover, let the SPC flooring dry completely before you wipe it again to not harm its aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a Swiffer on SPC flooring?

Swiffers are an excellent option for cleaning SPC flooring. Although it’s a bit expensive, its water jets are effective for cleaning the floor without causing any abrasions. However, it is also worth noting that this device is only compatible with vinyl flooring. Therefore, it is limited in terms of value. So, consider purchasing it only if your entire home has SPC flooring.

Is a vacuum cleaner suitable for cleaning SPC flooring?

Vacuum cleaners are usable on SPC flooring under certain circumstances. Firstly, ensure that the device is operating at low speed with no sharp attachments. It’s effective for removing the larger debris and cleaning out surface-level dirt.
However, sweeping with a broom is the most effective option for cleaning your SPC flooring daily. You can be more thorough with this method.
Furthermore, it allows you to reach spaces that are ideally inaccessible by typical vacuum cleaners.

How do I clean SPC flooring after setting it up?

SPC flooring is in a very sensitive state right after you install it. You will need a microfiber mop to gently wash it so as not to displace it. Furthermore, you will need to spray the area with detergent specifically made for cleaning this floor.

Does SPC flooring require a moisture barrier?

Although you can install SPC flooring on all sorts of concrete, it still requires a moisture barrier. You will need to place one with each concrete subfloor.

Which temperatures are compatible with SPC flooring?

SPC flooring is not a good option for use in areas with extremely cold temperatures. It cannot sustain itself in place below -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it’s also a bad idea to place it in locations exceeding heat levels of 155 degrees Fahrenheit.


Knowing how to clean SPC flooring is a must if you want it to retain its aesthetics. Moreover, it’s also effective in prolonging its overall longevity. Our step-by-step guide will hopefully help you complete this process efficiently.

Although the process might seem a bit lengthy, you won’t have to do it too often if you do it perfectly. However, rushing through the process can harm the quality of your SPC flooring. Also, opt for simple tools and detergents for this task.

Soon enough, you will find your SPC flooring to look as good as new. Its quality will also improve significantly when it’s in pristine condition, and its features will also amplify drastically.

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